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Pruning is important in establishing healthy, well formed trees and shrubs. Removal of water sprouts and dead, dying, diseased, crossing, and hazardous branches from trees and shrubs.

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Stump grinding

A stump left from a tree that has been removed, can sometimes become a huge eyesore. It can ruin the landscape as well as cause plenty of other problems; it can become a shelter for wild animals, it can produce unwanted odors when decay, it can give off young shoots every spring, etc.

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Crown reduction

Crown reduction is a method of reducing the height or spread of a tree by performing appropriate pruning cuts. It is considered an alternative to a whole tree removal. Crown reduction is typically performed when the tree is outgrowing its "living space", when the tree becomes incapable of supporting larger branches and foliage, when certain limbs of the tree become diseased or die, etc. 

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Tree and Shrub removal

Although, plant preservation is the ultimate goal of any professional arborist, removing trees and shrubs may become necessary when the plants are severely damaged by storms or vandalism, infected by various diseases, outgrow their "living space", or simply cause maintenance problems.

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Vista pruning

Vista pruning is selective pruning to allow a view from a predetermined point. Vista pruning is often performed to thin the trees and branches to improve the view, open up skyline, remove the unwanted obstacles, etc. Vista pruning does not always require complete tree removal in the area, it rather allows to cut a "window" in the existing landscape, preserving the natural beauty of the garden. The method's main concern is viability of the trees that have undergone the procedure.

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Crown restoration

Crown restoration is a method of reshaping a tree, that was topped, improperly pruned, vandalized, damaged by storms or winds, or by any other force, to a more natural form, and growing habit. Topped trees can become a serious problem and eventually ruin the look of a garden, when new brances start growing outward and upward in an attempt to become a new apex.

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Hedge trimming

Hedges and shrubs have become an important finishing touch of many gardens. They provide shade, privacy, and magnificent odor. However any hedge can lose shape in time, and therefore spoil the beautiful look of your garden. To prevent this a technique called trimming exists.

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