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Hedge trimming

Hedges and shrubs have become an important finishing touch of many gardens. They provide shade, privacy, and magnificent odor. However any hedge can lose shape in time, and therefore spoil the beautiful look of your garden. To prevent this a technique called trimming exists.

Hedges and shrubs should be trimmed regularly to improve their growth. This procedure must be done annually, leaving from a quarter to a third of their height. After that, hedges or shrubs must be well fertilized. Only then hedges or shrubs produce strong shoots that will bloom.

Over the years, these shoots thicken and branch out, creating a more dense shrub that should be thin. Trimming removes older and thick stems, shortening them to a height of young branches. Tissues affected by fungi and other illnesses are also removed. When trimming is done professionaly a bush should look less dense, while maintaining its natural beauty.

At ArborPro our professional certified arborists will take care of every aspect of hedge trimming. We start with agreeing on the shape of the hedge, then trimming it, and finally disposing of the trimmings in an environmentaly friendly way. We can determine the type of hedges in your garden and use tools and techniques that fit your case the best. Contact us now for a free estimate!

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