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Stump grinding

A stump left from a tree that has been removed, can sometimes become a huge eyesore. It can ruin the landscape as well as cause plenty of other problems; it can become a shelter for wild animals, it can produce unwanted odors when decay, it can give off young shoots every spring, etc.
Stump grinding is the process of grinding a stump from the tree that has previously been removed. It is employed whenever the complete removal of a stump is impossible or impractical. When choosing an approach the size of the stump must be considered as well as the time constraints. To grind the stumps special machines are used; a heavy vertical blade-like disk with a chain of teeth at the bottom of the grinder spins at high speed moving across the stump's surface. Each pass "shaves off" a thick layer of wood from the stump.
Normally, the process continues until the stump is 8" - 12" below the ground. The remaining "pit" is filled and leveled with the surrounding ground. The chips from the grinding must be of disposed by the arborist performing the service. At this point grass can be planted to ensure a smooth look of your lawn. Our professional arborists can help you determine the best options for your case. Contact us now to get free estimates.
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