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Tree and Shrub removal

Although, plant preservation is the ultimate goal of any professional arborist, removing trees and shrubs may become necessary when the plants are severely damaged by storms or vandalism, infected by various diseases, outgrow their "living space", or simply cause maintenance problems. On the other hand, in urban settings, the lifespan of plants such as trees and shrubs is much shorter, compared to that of their forest analogues. If a tree has been dead for some time, its structure becomes weaker, and, therefore, such a tree may present a threat to people and structures surrounding it. In such cases tree or shrub removal becomes the only option.
The process of removal is different trees and shrubs. While many shrubs can be removed with manpower and widely available hand tools, removing larger plants may require special equipment and machinerychainsaws to cut down a plant, rigging equipment to pull it from the ground and eventually the experience of qualified personnel to ensure a safe and efficient job. Also, when tree removal is complete a stump from the tree may remain. Stump grinding service, which we offer as well, is one of the most efficient and simplest methods to get rid of the stumps.
Our certified arborists can handle any size tree or shrub removal safely with as little impact to your landscape as possible. Tree removals may present a potential threat to property and health of all parties involved, for this reason Arbor Pro provides full insurance for each job. We take all necessary precautions to guard against property damage and injury. To find out more information about tree and shrub removal, and get free estimate contact us now!
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