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Crown reduction

Crown reduction is a method of reducing the height or spread of a tree by performing appropriate pruning cuts. It is considered an alternative to a whole tree removal. Crown reduction is typically performed when the tree is outgrowing its "living space", when the tree becomes incapable of supporting larger branches and foliage, when certain limbs of the tree become diseased or die, etc.  During the process, the cuts are made evenly throughout the whole volume of the crown, in order to maintain the natural shape of the tree. Depending on the type , the crown of the tree can be reduced by anywhere from 10% to 40%. However, normally, 25% of foliage reduction in single season is enough. As a result, a tree becomes more "manageable", which makes it and the area around the it safer. Crown reduction must be performed regularly to reduce the risks and hazards such as falling dead limbs or storm damage of the nearest structures. Late dormant-season pruning is usually recommended, although some trees will ooze liquid if cut too close to the time of spring growth.

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