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Vista pruning

Vista pruning is selective pruning to allow a view from a predetermined point. Vista pruning is often performed to thin the trees and branches to improve the view, open up skyline, remove the unwanted obstacles, etc. Vista pruning does not always require complete tree removal in the area, it rather allows to cut a "window" in the existing landscape, preserving the natural beauty of the garden. The method's main concern is viability of the trees that have undergone the procedure.

The method can be used any time of year, however the best result is achieved during the winter months, due to the absence of foliage, as well as tree's dormancy state. There are two types of vista pruning: crown reduction and tree thinning. The former is performed whenever the skyline needs to be opened, while the latter improves light and air flow, as well as opens up the view through the trees.
Vista pruning is often carried out in agreement with the neighbors, as the technique may affect the view in several gardens. Make sure an agreement between all interested sides is secured. Vista pruning is typically performed once every two years, however the timeframe may vary depending on the type of the trees in your garden. Our professional arborists can help you determine what type of service is needed in your case. Contact us now to get free estimates.

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